Dear Madame and Sirs !

Please send your inquiry to us and you Žll get some competent information's in English.

Let us introduce our self and our trading program to you.

Since more than 30 years the name MEUS is well-known in the machine and tool branch.
Our extensive experiences in trade and service woodworking machines will be your advantage !

In the last few years we Žve had intensive business relationships also to the Baltic nations,
Poland and Russian , and we Žll expand them.

We can offer the following new and used machines to you :

  • machines and tools for woodworking-, metal- and synthetic-processing
  • CNC routers
  • Saw frame
  • Chip and dust extraction plant
  • Sanding machines
  • Quality abrasives
  • Machines and special tools for windows, doors and frames

If you have special interest for any machines or tools please let us know !
WeŽll take a really good offer to you !

For further details and questions engineer Mr. Meus is placed at your disposal.

Best regards

Any questions? Send us an Email.